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The use of passive voice has been one of the top trends in the scientific and research and development (R&D) papers in the 20th century and earlier. But after the release and increasing popularity of the American Psychological Association APA 6th Edition style of academic writing, the trend to change the sentences from active to passive voice decreased and the use of active voice in research papers has increased significantly. That does not mean passive voice has been routed out of all domains of academic writings.

Let’s figure out and define active and passive voice use and have a deeper perspective on the effective use of active and passive voices in academic writings.

Importance of Using Active and Passive Voices in Academic Papers

A couple of decades back, the use of passive voice was the most demanded genre of academic writing style in scientific as well as other domains of arts. The effective use of passive voice was one of the most demanded qualities in research papers. To polish the academic writings, writers would use the professional services of experts to convert active into passive voice online or manual services.

The trend started flipping to change passive to active voice usage more vocally in all domains of academic papers. The biggest advocate of using passive voice in academic papers American Psychological Association. The core focus of the reference style organization (APA) was on the simplicity and clarity of the academic writing by using active voice more effectively. With the latest editions i.e. 6th and 7th editions of APA, the need for effective use of active voice is much higher than before. 

Checking Diverse Types of Academic Papers with Passive or Active Voice Checker

Most of the academic writings in the field of scientific research use passive voice more frequently even though the trend is diminishing consistently. The main reason behind the use of passive voice in scientific reports is that more emphasis is laid on the work that is conducted, which can be described more effectively in the passive voice. 

The readers of the science reports are not more concerned about the writer and the object on which the research was performed. So, the passive is heavily used in those reports. The main types of academic report in which active to passive voice converter can be used extensively include:

different types of academic papers to check with active to passive voice converter tool
  • Discovery and classification of materials
  • Laboratory reports
  • Medical history reports
  • Designing courses and programs
  • Academic surveys
  • Linguistic analysis reports
  • Society behavior analysis papers
  • And many others

Do Academic Writings Encourage Use of Passive Voice?

According to a scholarly article of Toronto University Writing Centre, the main types of writing in which the use of passive voice is encouraged are material verification research papers, laboratory experiment reports, scientific discovery and invention reports, experiment method reports, etc.

The effective use of an active to passive voice converter tool is very helpful in polishing the above-mentioned academic reports. A few other referencing styles like Modern Language Association support the use of passive voice in the second part of a sentence in the academic papers to give more emphasis on the work done while maintaining clarity in the first part of the sentence with the use of active voice.

But, all modern domains of academic papers are highly influenced by the APA style, which does not advocate the use of passive voice extensively in the academic papers. The main domains supported by APA academic writing referencing style include:

  • Psychology, sociology, and criminology 
  • Linguistics, business, and nursing
  • Healthcare, laboratory experiments, and others

How to Fix Passive Voice to Active Voice via Active to Passive Voice Converter Tool?

An active voice finder is an effective way to fix passive voice issues in any type of academic writings. The procedure to find the passive voice and convert them to the active voice and vice versa is in the following series of steps:

how to fix passive voice to active voice online
  • Copy the academic paper and past it to the widget of the passive voice checker tool
  • Run the tool to go through the entire academic paper and find the improper use of voices
  • Check every mistake or grammatical error by clicking the highlighted words underlined by the tool
  • Click for corrective options to check for any particular mistake
  • Choose the right option from the suggestions
  • Repeat this process for all improper uses in the academic paper
  • Copy the academic paper after completion and past it to your computer.

Tips on Proper Use of Voices in Academic Writing

  • Use active voice extensively in APA style of referencing
  • Use active in first parts and passive voice in the second part of the sentence in MLA reference style
  • The use of active voices in the Discussion and Future Work sections is highly recommended
  • The Conclusion of the academic report is good to be in the passive voice 
  • The scientific reports like labs, discovery, and material reports should use passive effectively
  • Psychology, social science, linguistic reports should use passive voice more effectively
  • Passive voice should be used in creating formal academic reports to give an impersonal tone
  • Use active voices extensively in web content and online articles for the general business genre
  • Use passive voice in the Method section of the academic paper. 
  • Active voice in the Abstract is highly recommended for clarity

How Does Our Passive or Active Voice Checker Improve Academic Writings?

An online too for passive and active voice checker makes the academic paper professional by improving:

features of active to passive voice converter
  • Effective use of active/passive voices
  • Removes grammatical mistakes
  • Removes punctuation and formatting errors
  • Finds any kinds of plagiarism in the academic paper
  • Offers corrective suggestions to choose the best one
  • Tell about the effectiveness, flow, and nature of academic paper

If you want to improve your academic writings and papers and make them look professional, run your paper through our active voice translator right away!