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The proper use of active and passive voice sentences in any professional writing leaves a great impression on the readers. Using active voice and passive voices at their respective right positions is a very challenging task, which needs a high level of linguistic expertise. Using an online active voice converter is very helpful in facing that challenge.

Let’s figure out the top 7 reasons for using an active voice detector more effectively and also talk about active and passive voices and their suitable use in any professional writing.

What Are Active and Passive Voices?

Active voice is a type of English sentence, in which a subject performs work through verbs directly on a subject is known as an active voice sentence. Two simple examples of an active voice sentence are given below.

“He writes a letter”

“John develops an online tool”

In a passive voice sentence, the object of the sentence performs the work through verbs over the subject of the sentence turned into a subjective mode of the noun or pronoun. The passive voices of the above examples are given below. It is a useful active and passive voice test for understanding the difference between the two voices.

“A letter is written by him”

“An online tool is developed by John”

In What Cases You Should Use Active Voice Generator

Active voice sentences are considered the most suitable in many situations and writings due to the clarity, effectiveness, and simplicity of language they offer. Normally, active voice sentences are suitable to use in the following cases:

when to use active to passive voice converter
  • In precise and short writings
  • In web, marketing, and focused writings
  • In story-telling and fictitious writings
  • In informal and emotional writings
  • Defining the performer of the action clearly without any ambiguity

An active voice sentence leaves a direct impact without any confusion in the writings. So, find the sentence with the active voice and use it in your writings more frequently to make it more effective. A good writer should have command over how to change passive verbs to active ones to make his/her writing more impressive.

On the other hand, passive voice sentences are suitable for use where ambiguity and diplomatic narration is required in the writing. Active voice sentences are longer than their respective active voices. The major cases in which passive voices are suitable to use include:

  • Government communication
  • Scientific and research reports
  • Academic and analytic writings
  • Corporate communication and documentation
  • The description of vague and unclear situations
  • Creating authoritative tones
  • Proofread past tense
  • To avoid direct names of the doers, especially in social, political spheres
  • Directly emphasizing the actions rather than the actors of the actions

Top 7 Reasons to Use Active Passive Voice Checker Online

Using online active/passive tools has become so popular nowadays. They offer great benefits on how to make passive voice active in the sentences and make the writings more professional and attractive. The top 7 reasons to use online tools are listed below:

reasons to try active passive voice checker
  1. Instant and online – Passive voice checker tools are online available for instant use without any delays or waiting queues. You can use it anytime and anywhere from all over the world.
  2. Learning options – You can learn a lot of things from the suggestions and recommendations offered by the online tools. By following suggestions closely, you can improve your understanding of the grammar gradually.
  3. Reliable error correction results – Online tools offer highly accurate results of error detection as well as corrective suggestions. You get a comprehensive service to find out the errors in your writings and suitable suggestions that make your text highly reliable in terms of grammar checking.
  4. Free to use – You can use the basic version of these tools free of charges and advanced features with a very little fee. You don’t need to download an app and make in-app purchases for getting services. You can access it through a web browser easily.  
  5. Fast and fun to use – Using any online passive converter tool is so easy and simple as copy/paste. Passive voice detector tools are very fast and fun to use. You enjoy it every time you use those intuitive tools.
  6. Support for multiple texts – online tools support numerous types of writings simultaneously
  7. Value-added services – Online active/passive tools offer you numerous value-added capabilities such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and plagiarism checking

Online tools are also powered by the cutting-edge technologies and expert linguists that make your experience of using those tools awesome and productive.

Active Voice Generator Usage Explained

The use of online active to passive voice tools is continuously increasing over time. Many educational institutes and universities are choosing different online tools in their educational systems. The rating systems of many educational institutions are being linked with the most sophisticated online tools. The other major domains that use online active voice checker tools include:

  • Training and language teaching schools
  • Web content and marketing sectors
  • Engineering and technical businesses
  • Social and community science
  • And many others

Reliability of Active to Passive Voice Converter Results

According to the latest research conducted on online grammar checking tools, the rule-based techniques of checking the mistakes in essays and reports is the best in terms of producing highly reliable results. The modern online passive voice tools are incorporating this technique to make the results more reliable and effective in making the writing more professional and error-free. 

The most commonly adopted techniques that make the online tools more reliable include the following:

  • Rule-based technique
  • Machine learning-based technique
  • Hybrid technique

All those techniques and collectively implemented in the online grammar checking tools to offer great reliability in terms of their online results. Although all those techniques are not 100% capable of finding the issues in writing, a huge part of the mistakes are detected easily. 

If you are looking for online help to make your piece of writing more accurate and error-free, use our active voice converter to make your writings look professional right now.