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How to turn passive voice into active voice is no more a matter of getting help from expert linguists and language professors. You can use the prowess of online tools for changing passive verbs to active verbs instantly and effectively.

Let’s explore the major aspects of using our online active passive voice changer more professionally to achieve the best results.

How Often Active Voice Converter Tools Are Used?

The number of users of a passive and active voice converter is continuously growing across the world. According to the latest figures, more than 6.9 million unique users use the services of Grammarly daily. The users of hundreds of other online tools for grammar checking are available that have also a sizable customer base for their services.

Using Active Voice Effectively or How to Turn Your Paper into a Masterpiece

Another study conducted on North Korean students finds that a huge majority of the students consider online tools every effective for tense, verbs, and voices. They heavily trust online tools to change passive voice to active voice online and other grammar tools for checking their writings. Numerous other studies also find similar types of results.

Online active voice converter tools are popular with the following types of professionals:

  • Teachers, students, trainers, and lecture developers
  • Researchers, educationalists, and linguists
  • Web writers, business writers, and corporate drafting managers
  • Lawyers, scientists, engineers, and news reporters
  • And many others.

Top 5 Things That Make Our Active Voice Generator Unique

Our online tool for passive vs active voice checker is one of the most professional and offers feature-rich, high quality, and trustworthy services, which make it stand out from the other competitors in the marketplace. The top 5 things that make our tool unique from others are mentioned below:

active to passive voice converter features
  1. Highly reliable results – Our online active voice converter tool is powered by the feedback of a large team of linguists, language experts, grammatists, and effective use of modern technologies to develop the most reliable results of text checking. 
  2. Free of charge – We offer our basic services for free without any pre-registration and payment details. Our plans for the subscription of advanced features are very affordable and attractive to purchase.
  3. Value-added services – Our online active/passive voice converter tool offers numerous additional value-added services such as spelling checking, grammatical mistake correction, punctuation, and others. 
  4. Plagiarism detection check – Plagiarism is one of the most infamous acts in the field of intellectual property. It is a crime and should be detected and eliminated at the beginning. Our tool offers services to detect plagiarism in the text. 
  5. Instant and available for 24×7 – The high uptime of our online tool makes it one of the most attractive passive voice converter tools in the marketplace. It is instant and online to use at any time and from anywhere.

The combo of all the above-mentioned 5 things and other features make our tool stand out from other competitors in the marketplace.

Using Online Active Voice Checker vs Manual Checking

Proofreading and grammar checking has been always a big challenge for writers of all ages in the past too. In the past, writers would use the services of expert editors who would be linguists and expert grammatists. Many writers would check their writings themselves too. This practice of self-assessment of writings manually is also used in the present days. Both manual checking and online active voice checking have their pros and cons respectively. Let’s figure out the difference between the two.

Manual active/passive checking:

  • Very slow and time-consuming process
  • Chances of human errors are substantially high
  • Longer turnaround time of service
  • This service is governed by working hours
  • This service is almost unable to detect plagiarism in the text
  • No feedback and learning option available

Online active/passive checking tool:

  • The fast process to save a substantial time
  • No involvement of human error
  • Instant with a few seconds of turnaround time
  • It is available round the clock without any limits of working hours
  • It can detect plagiarism in the text immediately
  • Offers suggestive learning by choosing and checking the right options
  • You can get all additional services with the same subscription

After having compared the difference between manual checking and automated online checking of active and passive voice sentences, it is very clear that using online tools are more effective, cost-efficient, productive, and attractive than manual checking.

Top Pros and Cons of Using Active to Passive Voice Generator


  • Fast and instant tool powered by web technology
  • Very simple and easy to use tool
  • Offers highly accurate results
  • Offers suggestions for the correction to learn
  • One-click automated correction
  • Additional features like plagiarism, punctuation, and grammar checking
  • Always available round the clock


  • No emotional understanding
  • A very low capability of thinking via artificial intelligence
  • Online tools are evolving so, not 100% accurate as yet
  • Different tools use different algorithms suitable for different domains

How to Change from Passive to Active Voice Through an Online Tool?

An online tool to change passive voice to active voice and vice versa is very easy to use with a few steps. The step by step procedure to change passive to active voices through our online tool is given below:

how to use active voice generator
  • Copy the text in which you want to change the passive voice sentences to the active voice.
  • Paste the copied text into the input field or widget on the landing page of our website
  • Run the tool either by clicking the “Check the text” button or hit the Enter key on your computer keyboard
  • The tool starts checking for passive voice or active voice sentences and underlines the mistakes in the text
  • Click the underlined word to display the details and corrective suggestions
  • Click the suggestion that you feel is the right one. Repeat this step for all mistakes.
  • Copy the corrected text and paste it on your computer.

If you are looking for a highly professional active voice converter, don’t look anywhere else just rely upon our professional active passive voice changer now!