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With the emergence of modern ICT technologies, numerous online tools have been developed for providing linguistic services. The passive to active voice converter tool is one of those useful online services. Using an active into passive voice converter tool is offering huge help to the students in using voices correctly in English.

Let’s talk about the useful tips, benefits, and the way to use a passive vs active voice checker more effectively for improving English writings.

How to Spot Voice Misuse Through Active and Passive Voice Changer

Spotting any misuse of active or passive voice with the help of an online active voice translator in any text is so simple and easy. Just you need to follow the following a few steps to spot the improper use of active as well as passive voice easily:

how to use passive to active voice converter tool
  • Open our professional-grade online active and passive converter tool in any browser
  • Copy the text which you want to check for misuse of active and passive voices
  • Paste the text into the mistake checking field or widget on our tool
  • Click the ‘Check the text’ button to run the automated check for misuses
  • The automated tool will underline the misuse of active and passive voices

Should You Avoid Using Passive Voice in Your Writings?

The simple answer to this question is, yes. All major writing styles, domains, and referencing standards are advocating for the use of active voices in modern writings. The popularity and use of passive voices in writings are continuously decreasing with every passing moment. Numerous writing experts and educational organizations recommend to convert passive to active voice in the texts to make them look more professional.

The extensive use of passive voice in the text makes it much weaker than the text written in active voices. A few main reasons for passive voice making the text weaker are listed below. 

  • Passive voices make sentences clunkier and bulkier
  • Chances of misuse or improper use of passive voice are large
  • Passive voice makes sentences vaguer and more unclear
  • Difficult to understand the content properly

Top 10 Tips on Using Voice in Writings Correctly

How to write in active voice instead of passive voice correctly is a careful task that needs special care while writing any piece of professional writing. Let’s mention the top 10 tips on how to use or change passive to active voice more effectively.

  1. Use active voices – The first and most important tip for the correct use of voices is to focus on the use of active voices in your writings.
  2. Avoid passive voices – Passive voice is not considered a good factor in writing. So, avoid it as much as possible. 
  3. Be very much clear about writing ideas – When you are clear in your writing ideas, you use the voice more correctly.
  4. Avoid using the ‘there is/are’ term – This is an old style of writing, which makes the sentences bulkier and creates confusion in using the right voices.
  5. Avoid using “that” extensively – The use of ‘that’ more frequently will make the sentences bigger and complex and also so confusing for the writer to link it properly with the clear sentences in the active form.
  6. Try to maintain an affirmative way of writing – The negative sentences are more confusing than the positive ones. When you use an affirmative tone in your writing, the use of voices becomes much easier than the negative tone.
  7. Always use strong verbs instead of weak verbs powered by adverbs – Always use an accurate and strong verb that produces a clear meaning of the sentence rather than choosing a related verb and then qualifying it with the help of an adverb.
  8. Practice to develop flow in voice writing – Practice makes a man perfect! So, you need to do writing practice for using voices more effectively and fluently 
  9. Try to maintain your natural flow of writing – Never try to imitate or copy any other’s writing style, just maintain your natural flow and write smoothly in simple and easy sentences. 
  10. Use any professional active and passive voice converter – Use a professional voice finder tool to use the voices more effectively. 

You can use and change passive voice to active voice tool for getting professional-grade support to optimize your writing by improving the use of voice, grammar, punctuation, and other things.  

Top Benefits to Switch from Passive to Active Voice Through Our Online Tool

To switch from passive to active voice through online tools offers you the following benefits:

benefits of active vs passive voice checker
  • Improved quality of the text
  • Faster checking of errors
  • Reduced grammatical and voice errors
  • Plagiarism free content
  • Saving of a substantial cost
  • Substantial time saving
  • Increased learning options
  • Free of charge service
  • Available for round the clock

What Are Additional Functions of Active vs Passive Voice Checker?

A professionally designed active vs passive voice checker tool offers numerous additional functions other than the basic functions of voice checking and correction. The additional functions are listed below.

  • Detection and correction of numerous types of grammatical mistakes
  • Spotting the plagiarized content in the text instantly
  • Offers the punctuation and formatting corrections
  • Saving of files online and detailed reports of the work

If you are looking for a huge improvement in your writing quality, use our professional-level active vs passive voice checker to make your writing great right now!