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The ratio of errors and misuse of active and passive voices in any type of writings are the most common types of grammatical mistakes that leave a huge adverse impact on the quality of the papers and reports. To make a paper, report, or essay professional, error-free, and impressive, you need to spot the active/passive voice mistakes and correct them properly.

Let’s talk about the impact of misuses of voices, and respective corrections in the writings, and also the tips and ways to automatically fix passive to active voice errors through an active voice tester online. 

Why Spot Voice Errors and Convert Active to Passive Voice?

According to the latest linguistic research information, four major errors are very common in writings while using active and passive voices. Those errors are categorized as:

errors to fix with passive voice to active voice online converter
  • Omission errors
  • Mis-ordering errors
  • Addition errors
  • Misinformation errors

The misinformation error is the most common category of all others. Those mistakes result in weak and unprofessional writing, which will not leave any good impression on the concerned readers. So, spotting those errors through either active to passive voice converter or manually is very important to achieve the desired objectives of the writings.

When You Must Change Passive into Active Voice?

As we know, how to change my sentence to active voice is a big concern for every writer to improve their respective writings, but when to change passive into active voice is a tricky task, which needs expertise and linguistic command. You should change passive voice into active through a professional active to passive voice generator in the following conditions:

when you should use active voice identifier
  • Change to active when you need clarity in your text
  • Make sentences more meaningful and attractive
  • Fix direct responsibility of someone
  • To make impressive writing for the desired readers
  • Change when you are using APA referencing style
  • Writing a short and precise document for procedures
  • For writing the academic summaries of stories
  • Writing business communication with a high level of precision and clarity
  • And many others.

Practical Tips to Identify the Sentence Using Active Voice Improperly

According to the rules of English grammar, an active voice sentence is a form of the sentence in which the subject goes first followed by the main verb of the sentence and the object goes at the end of the basic sentence. This simple principle to identify the correct use of active voice sentences become trickier and more confusing when the sentences become longer and connected through multiple conjunctions or other parts of speech.

In such conditions, to identify the correct use of active voice in the sentence, either you need to have expertise in grammatical writings or you need to use active voice identifier tools available online. To help you identify the incorrect use of active voice in the sentence, we mentioned a few useful practical tips as listed below:

  • An active voice sentence does not start with the subject of the sentence
  • The subject of the sentence is not in the subjective mode
  • The main verb of the sentence is preceded by the are, is, was, were, to be, have been, and similar types of auxiliary verbs.
  • The main verb is not in the third form of the verb, which is also known as the past participle verb
  • If the object does not follow the main verb of the sentence, the sentence has misuse of active voice 
  • The object of the sentence is not in the objective mode in practical meaning

The above-mentioned are general tips, which will help you identify the incorrect use of active voice in the sentence at the first sight. But you should also consider the correctly used active voice sentences in the communications where the need for ambiguity, diplomacy, and unclear information is the priority. In such conditions, you should consider revising active voice to passive voice.

Fixing Active and Passive Voice Misuse

Irrespective of what type of writing you are dealing with; you need to fix all mistakes relating to the incorrect use of active as well as passive voices. You can fix the misuse of active and passive voices by using professionally designed online tools, which offer you simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness, and learning options. So, choose the right passive to active converter online tool to fix the improper use of active and passive voices in all types of writing.

How Does Passive Voice to Active Voice Online Converter Improve Writing Quality?

Online tools to convert passive voice sentences into active voice sentences and vice versa are highly feature-rich and professionally designed tools, which offer numerous capabilities, guidelines, and support to improve your writings significantly. Online active vs passive converting tools improve the quality of writing by providing the following capabilities, functions, and help:

  • Identifies any incorrect use of active or passive voices within the text
  • Suggests the most suitable correction for those misuses or mistakes
  • Prompts you through alerts and highlighting indicators to look into the mistakes
  • Offers you options to overrule the mistake or add any unique use in your local dictionary
  • Identifies all other grammatical mistakes and provides a complete solution for correction
  • Checks and rectifies the spelling, punctuation, formatting problems in the text
  • Checks for plagiarism in the text to make your writing unique and plagiarism-free 

If you are looking for online support to find and fix the active and passive voice mistakes, use our online voice fixer to make your writings awesome!