If you want to enhance the quality of your writing, check out the following resources which may help you in transforming your paper from good to just perfect.

  1. Abbreviations.com – if you’re undoubtful about any acronym, abbreviation or initialism, you are very welcome to check this great directory. All definitions contributed by passionate editors are divided by a great number of categories to ease the search process.
  2. Quotes.net – do you want to add a catchy quote to your paper to spice your text up? Are you a movie quotes collector searching for clever citations? Then, you definitely need to have a look at this great resource.
  3. References.net – by searching this directory you may find good resources and references from diverse categories: arts and humanities, books, economy, education, spelling, universities, and more.
  4. Convert.net – have no idea how to evaluate some mathematical expression? Do you need quality conversion from carats to grams? This cool resource for units and measurements has got you covered. 
  5. Purdue Writing Lab – run by Purdue University, this website is a must to visit for writers and students. It offers a huge amount of articles, posts with explanations, tips and tricks that cover different topics – grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, referring styles, and more.
  6. Using English – this online resource is very helpful for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers. It presents the opportunity to test your own English skills and improve your current level of English proficiency.
  7. Definitions.net – fully free and open to use by anyone across the globe dictionary that presents definitions from diverse trusted resources. Besides, it supports multiple languages.
  8. Synonyms.com – wonderful resource where you may find synonyms and antonyms of words and phrases. It’s a great tool for writers, students and professionals who would like to have their writing free of words repetitions.
  9. USZip.com – this helpful ZIP code lookup service offers a huge amount of demographic, geographic, business data, and more. Useful, super easy to use and powerful resource.
  10. English Practice – if you would like to practice your English grammar, spelling or vocabulary, you’re welcome to this website with numerous exercises and quizzes.
  11. The Guide to Grammar and Writing – a valuable source for those who are interested in upgrading their writing skills on different levels starting from word level up to research paper level. Besides, it has lots of quizzes and exercises.
  12. Learning Lab – a handy resource that offers cool educational videos, pdf files, info in other formats on diverse topics. This website may be a great help for students from anywhere in the worldю
  13. Infoplease – a comprehensive website that combines an encyclopedia, atlas, dictionary, and thesaurus is one place. Students, parents, teachers and curious Internet users may find here captivating info about science, government, history, events, and more.
  14. Tips on Grammar, Punctuation and Style – Writing Center at Harvard University offers numerous tips, tricks and practical guides on how to make your academic paper shine by following the best writing standards.
  15. English Grammar Guide – find a comprehensive English grammar guide by checking out this resource. All complex rules are explained quite clearly and supported by clever examples.
  16. Online Writing Center – check out here interesting articles and pieces of advice on diverse topics: grammar, spelling, styles, plagiarism, enhancing writing skills, and more.

Use these great resources and see your English writing skills going up!